The Carco Group Up And Running

Carco Group Logo

Established over 80 years ago, The Carco Group is a family run business in Bristol who specialise in Renault, Citroën, Volvo and Dacia and are now fully up and running with Service Plans from eDynamix.

Having not sold Service Plans in the previous 9 months they were eager to start again and “hit the ground running”, which they have more than achieved so far with Jim Robertson, Finance Director, praising the system for its “simplicity of use”.


Compare Your Current Performance


We have now released our National Composite League dashboards. These interactive panels allow Dealers to compare their current performance through Service Plan sales, both red and amber, identified and sold work in iVHC, and conversion rates from Proactive Follow Up against National franchise statistics.

A drill through from the Group overview by franchise allows for the comparison on a per Dealership level, highlighting those sites that are both over and under-performing.

The graphical representation of current performance means that any issues can be very quickly and easily identified and allows for granular management and specific goal setting to help improve overall Group sales, penetration and conversion.