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Service Plan Laptop

Our innovative and open approach to our software design has enabled us to develop a solution for the sale of routine vehicle servicing, planned maintenance items and those requiring immediate attention that is industry leading, easy to use, customisable and extremely cost effective.

Through Service Plans a quote for all routine servicing that is tailored to the requirements of each customer, and the pricing matrix offered by each Dealer, can be configured.

Repair Plans offer the customer the opportunity to pay monthly for both Amber work concerns, or deferred Red work items, identified as part of their recent iVHC, or for other items outside of the scope of a traditional Service Plan.

Our integrated Finance Plan* allows Dealers to sell Red work concerns identified as part of an iVHC on the day and afford the customer the opportunity to spread the cost of these repairs over a set period.

These modules not only provide the customer with peace of mind by offering a fixed monthly price for their entire vehicle servicing and maintenance requirements, it also presents the dealer with the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction levels and, ultimately, retention.


We don’t charge system setup fees. We don’t charge a plan confirmation fee. We don’t charge a plan amendment fee. We don’t charge a plan cancellation fee.


Service plans can be extended, additional services added and annual mileage changed at any stage during the plans lifecycle, at no cost, with all future payments automatically adjusted in real time. Plans can also be cancelled or, if cancelled in error, simply reinstated. All of these functions are available to the Dealer without having to involve a system administrator or 3rd party.


As a plan is created the vehicle data is gathered using a VRM lookup*, such as make and model, engine size, fuel type and date of registration. This can then be cross referenced with data from the Dealers DMS system to pull the relevant customer information, allowing for a fully customised quote to be created in seconds.


  • Campaigns

    Dealers have the opportunity to create date driven, model specific campaigns which automatically adjust the included services, the individual service costs and the payment profile. These can be Dealer specific or fall in line with current Manufacturer offers.

  • Automatic Customer Refunds

    Unfortunately, plans do cancel. When they do, Dealers have the option of automatically refunding the customer without the need to involve their accounts department or 3rd party. A letter is sent by the system informing the customer of their refund entitlement and when they can expect to receive this which is then automatically transferred into their bank account on that given date.

  • Automated Plan Renewals

    As with most insurance policies the customer will receive a letter as their final payment is about to be taken indicating that their Service Plan will be renewed for a set period and that they don’t need to do anything to continue. The payment profile can be maintained and the relevant optional services automatically included.

  • Plan Transfer

    If a customer changes their vehicle all customer details and any available funds can be automatically transferred from their current Service Plan to a new one without the need to cancel. This speeds up the process of configuring the new plan and also reduces the monthly payments for the customer.

  • Plan Statement

    Similar to a bank or credit card statement, the Service Plan Statement shows all credits and debits to the plan, running totals and the available funds. This can be easily emailed or posted to the customer and is also available online as part of the planmyservice™ portal.

  • Variable Direct Debits

    Plans can be started any time within the service lifecycle, even if a customer is not in the dealership for a service visit. Often there is a requirement for a deposit to be taken, but by using variable direct debits this constraint is removed and any customer objections reduced.

  • Maximised Payment Periods

    By maximising the number of payments, the necessity to discount the service plan to get to an acceptable monthly payment is removed, thereby increasing the return from your service plans, and also customer satisfaction.

  • Dated Service Events

    All services as part of the Service Plan are dated, either automatically by the system, or manually at confirmation. This not only allows for planning in terms of workshop loading, but also for reminders to be sent via email, SMS and/or direct mail using a tailored timeline within the Follow Up module.

  • Optional Services

    Any number of dealer specific optional services can be easily added to your Service Plans either manually or automatically by the system depending on plan configuration and included standard services. By adding these services, such as air conditioning and brake fluid services, customer loyalty is improved and penetration increased.

  • Age & Price Discounts

    There are a number of discount options available that could be automatically applied to your pricing matrix if required. This can be set depending on the age of the vehicle, as a discount between your normal retail price and your service plan price or as part of a campaign.

  • Complete Version Control

    Each plan has a complete log of quote history. This version control ensures earlier quotes can be viewed and restored. This can be very useful if one person created the initial quote but another was to confirm the plan at a different time.

  • Compound Plans

    Manufacturers are increasingly offering free servicing schemes as part of a new or used car purchase but customers may look to keep the vehicle once the free plan has ended. Compounding the plan allows services to be added on top of these Free Services, and optional services to be included to help increase customer retention.

  • Batch Create & Print

    The system can automatically create a tailored Service Plan quote for customers visiting the Dealership which can then be printed in a batch to be placed in the relevant job packs. This helps increase Service Plan sales with every non-service plan customer receiving a quote.

  • Intuitive Accounting Panel

    The system doesn’t rely on month end statements and is more akin to a traditional daily accounting system, with excel export facility, and no requirement for import by suffix journals as all transactions are individually recorded in the system. Real time DMS balance sheet comparison with allows for daily reconciliation is also available.

  • Push Reporting & Live Statistics

    You can subscribe to the reports you require and have them delivered directly to your inbox when needed, there is no need to go looking for the information you require. This is in addition to the Service Plan performance page showing real-time performance information.

* country dependent


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