Video1st MobileThey say a picture paints a thousand words, but it has also been said that one video is worth 1.8 million!

VIDEO1st allows Dealers to differentiate themselves from the competition by delivering the excitement of the showroom experience to the customer in the comfort of their own home.

Users can shoot multiple videos and photographs for many and varied scenarios, from an initial enquiry and walk around, to personal videos giving the customer a sneak preview of their shiny new vehicle prior to delivery. Engage the customer further by starting an interactive conversation and provide links to relevant websites, brochures and offers so customers have one web page delivering all of the information they require.

In an ever expanding digital world where online, social and digital media is now not just a nice to have, but is expected, Dealers can now engage and empower customers with up to date, relevant information to deliver a digital age approach to a traditional process. Using online, personalised digital media helps to not only secure customer engagement, but it also supports the nurturing of relationships and ultimately grows satisfaction.


VIDEO1st will work on any internet enabled mobile device, with an IOS or Android operating system and built-in camera. Therefore, there is no need to purchase additional, often very costly equipment if these are already readily available in the Dealership.


VIDEO1st is not only cost effective because there are no initial setup costs, no contracts to sign and because it is device neutral, but after an initial free 60 day trial, the only nominal monthly charge for ongoing support and maintenance is £45 per department.


The management dashboard not only allows Business Managers to critique and amend galleries, but it allows a complete preview as the customer will see their personal web page. It also allows users to see viewing logs on each media item, including when a video / photograph was opened, if it was viewed internally by member of staff or externally by the customer, and also how long the videos were watched for.


Every secure, individualised web page includes a personal message to the customer from the sales person, a full gallery of the requested media, all key information relevant to the vehicle, vehicle details from the DVLA and links to external websites and resources.


The interactive comments section allows customers to ask additional questions relating to the vehicle, or for further media items to be sent to the gallery. The user can then respond to the questions and comments, delivering an online, interactive experience to the customer.


Instant notifications are available at every stage of the VIDEO1st
 process from a gallery being available to critique, to the media being sent to the customer, then immediately as it is opened and watched and when new comments have been added by the customer and user.


Multiple Media Items

Using one device, a user can capture and / or upload multiple videos and photographs into each vehicle gallery and deliver them to the customer to view at their convenience. This can be done automatically as soon as the gallery has been created or only after the content has been reviewed and approved by a Manager.

Management Review

A vehicle gallery can be sent automatically to the customer as soon as it has been prepared by the user on their mobile device. Options also exist allowing galleries to be sent only after the content has been reviewed and approved by a Business Manager, because one bad video could mean many lost sales.

Multiple Contact Methods

Each customer can receive an individualised email and / or SMS message, both of which include a link to their own personalised web page. Both contact types can be fully customised to each individual Dealer or Dealership to deliver a consistent message.

External Links

Links to external websites and/or resources relating to the vehicle, the Dealer or manufacturer, or current special offers , including online brochures and documents, can be easily included with each gallery, delivering all relevant information directly to the customer in one place.



Tablet ivhc

There are many electronic vehicle health check systems on the market today. What we have done to differentiate ourselves from other providers is take this tried and tested process and make it not only more usable for the Dealer, but we have developed it further to allow for a greater upsell opportunity and conversion on both identified Red and Amber work concerns.


Our integrated Finance Plan* allows Dealers to sell Red work concerns identified as part of an iVHC on the day and afford the customer the opportunity to spread the cost of these repairs over a set period.


Repair Plans offer the customer the opportunity to pay monthly for both Amber work concerns, or deferred Red work, identified as part of their recent iVHC, or for other items outside of the scope of a traditional Service Plan.


Any unsold Red or Amber work concerns identified as part of a previous iVHC on the vehicle can be injected automatically into the new health check as mandatory inspections. There is also a higher potential for upsell on previously identified concerns.


Real-time daily work areas and management dashboards for display on internet enabled TV’s are available giving an immediate view on deleted and declined work, Amber concerns that remain unsold, all concerns that have been authorised and everything that has been completed on the day.


They say pictures paint a thousand words, and by utilising our integrated photograph functionality whereby the technician takes a picture of a given concern which can then be emailed directly to the customer or included on the printed health check, it is proven that more Red and Amber work concerns are sold.


Our fully integrated video technology allows technicians to record a video of the entire health check or an individual concern which can then be emailed directly to the customer. This works extremely well for checks involving movement or noise concerns.


Technicians complete each iVHC on a mobile device chosen by the Dealer, with 1 device serving multiple technicians. After choosing the relevant template, and taking any necessary pre-inspection photographs, all mandatory checks must be performed before the iVHC can be completed.


  • DMS Integration

DMS integration, where possible, allows for a direct daily, incremental and/or manual download of job information from the Dealer’s Dealer Management System, as well as parts prices, stock availability and tracking.

  • Pre Call

The pre-call facility allows users to contact the customer prior to their visit with all of the relevant information, such as first visit notifications, last service dates, any recent health check information and fully service history. Users also have the ability to record notes against the health check which are available to all other users throughout the iVHC lifecycle.

  • Tyre Integration*

With full tyre integration through Stapletons Tyre Services or Micheldever Tyre Services, Dealers can view their available tyre stock from within the iVHC for tyres matching those identified on the vehicle, with the ability to order directly with the supplier coming in 2014.

  • Client Pop-up

The client pop-up notifies the appropriate users within the relevant departments of any updates to iVHC’s which may require their attention. If subsequent updates are found older notifications are erased which removes the need for users to check out of date information.

  • Integrated Follow Up

All unsold Red and Amber work concerns can be sent directly to the integrated follow up module when required by the Dealer. Each type of follow up can have its own bespoke timeline and templates which include SMS, email and post fulfilment with the ability to include the health check within the latter two.

  • Parts Management

With parts and tyre pricing and availability presented as part of the DMS downloads and tyre integration, users can price concerns in no time at all, with the correct parts being selected with the help of photographs and videos taken as part of the iVHC. Parts tracking and automated status updates also help to reduce parts obsolescence.

  • Data-rich Reporting

It is ok recording and collecting information about each completed vehicle health check, but we have developed a suite of reports that allow Dealers to fully and accurately analyse identified and sold work items for each Dealership, for each advisor and for each individual technician.

* country dependent