Book VHC Work Online


iVHC App

Take your online bookings system to the next level by allowing your customers to book work identified on an earlier vehicle health check directly with your dealership

Improve your amber work sales using
iVHC & Online Bookings from eDynamix
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iVHC – Interactive Vehicle Health Check


iVHC Workshop

As a duty of care to your customers, ensure a visual health check is completed on every vehicle that enters your workshop, clearly, quickly and concisely highlighting any concerns. Discover the benefits with our intuitive vehicle health check system, iVHC.

  • Fully integrated with all other eDynamix modules including videos & photographs for Red and Amber work upsell
  • Inject previously unsold Red or Amber work concerns automatically into the new health check as a mandatory inspection
  • Send customised reminders via email, SMS and direct mail for work now due
  • Provide convenience to customers by allowing them to book VHC work now due directly through the online bookings platform
  • Full, data rich reporting helps fully analyse performance by dealership, advisor and technician