VIDEO1st Online

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You can now use VIDEO1st to create high definition videos and upload
them directly to your YouTube channel


Use the VIDEO1st app on iOS and Android operating systems to create high definition videos

Manage and upload to different playlists within your YouTube channel straight from the VIDEO1st portal

Automatically attach your own branded top and tail videos to the recorded media to deliver a consistent message to all customers

Brand the videos with your own logo and automatically add your own soundtrack to create a professional and consistent look, feel and sound

Upload videos from your YouTube channel directly to AutoTrader

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Other features and benefits…
  • Video tags are automatically created from the vehicle description
  • Manually add further tags to improve video ranking
  • Deliver video content consistency across your business
  • Improves SEO by uploading videos to social media
  • Automatically embed the published YouTube video into your website
  • Simple to use!
Facebook integration coming soon

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New Releases : VIDEO1st


Management Dashboard

Manage your YouTube channel, reach a wider audience and improve SEO by automatically uploading videos taken using the VIDEO1st app to the video-sharing website

Auto Trader
Stock videos taken using VIDEO1st can be uploaded to a dealers Auto Trader feed and attached to a vehicle available on the site without the need to log in and do this manually

Add Audio Tracks
Dealer specific audio tracks can be added to videos at the point of production to provide a consistent and professional experience to customers

Videos can be stabilised to remove camera wobble and smooth movement between frames which ensures the end user experience is to the highest possible standards.

New Releases : Service Plan

Service Plans

Management App

Next Service Type
Automatically calculate the next type of service on the service plan configuration stage based on the vehicle’s current mileage

Top Up
Should a vehicle come into the workshop early there is a top up facility which allows additional funds to be added by the customer to ensure the plan remains in credit

Maintenance Items
Add additional maintenance items to a service plan which aren’t normally found in the scope of a traditional plan. Items such as tyres, brakes, cambelts, etc. can be added when the plan is created, or even during a plan amendment, and correct amount of money collected alongside that already being collected for the services to ensure that you have enough in the fund for when the maintenance item is due. This feature merges our Repair Plan application together with our Service Plan system to ensure all service and maintenance items can be managed through one monthly Direct Debit.

Plan Amendment
Easily amend the plan length, annual mileage and optional services during a live plan amendment to ensure the plan continues to match the customers driving style and requirements.

Variable Payments
Payments can be varied to always ensure there are enough funds in the customers pot to cover services as and when they are due within the lifecycle of a plan.

Loyalty Cards
Dealer branded loyalty cards can be automatically posted to customers on plan confirmation and include the customers name and registration and which may entitle them to additional offers over and above a normal retail customer

New Releases : Online Bookings

Online Bookings

Fully Responsive

iVHC Bookings
Customers can book red or amber work identified during a previous iVHC directly into online bookings, at the agreed price, using a link provided in follow up communication

Service Plan Quote
If the customer does not currently have a service plan offer them the opportunity to quote themselves one as part of the online bookings process with all required standard and optional services included to match their own requirements

Vehicle Valuation
Customers can ask to have their vehicle valued when in the dealership as during the online bookings process, sending a notification to the sales team of the upcoming visit and request

Voucher Codes
Create dealership specific voucher codes which can be shared with customers to offer discounts on bookings made online in a given date period.

New Releases : iVHC


iVHC Percentage


Percentage Worn
All tyre and brake measurements, whether measured in millimetres worn or percentage remaining can be automatically converted and graphically displayed to a customer in percentage remaining.

Interactive Check In
Take photographs, shoot videos and record notes and damage on a vehicle with the customer present and prior to it entering the workshop using a tablet device.

Customer Consent
Gain customer consent to use all agreed communication channels for the GDPR during the check in process, while at the same time allowing the customer to update their personal details and view your Privacy Policy.

Identified Work Booking
Any work identified but not yet due can be booked into the workshop during the customer check out process using the online bookings portal from within the iVHC app.

Online Bookings
Customers can book red or amber work identified during a previous iVHC directly into online bookings, at the agreed price, using a link provided in follow up communication.

New Releases : Follow Up

Follow Up

Service Plan Quote

Service Plan Quote
Service plan quotes generated online by the customer can drop into the follow up system for a communications team to finalise and sell.

Sensitive Customer Check
Cross-check your DMS (DMS dependent) and exclude those customers marked as sensitive from receiving any follow up communication.

Undeliverable Emails
Any emails that bounce back are captured and highlighted on the timeline which then allows DMS records to be constantly cleansed and updated.

Star Rating
A rating question can be added to surveys for customers to rate their service experience using 1 to 5 stars.