New Releases : Service Plan

Service Plans

Management App

Next Service Type
Automatically calculate the next type of service on the service plan configuration stage based on the vehicle’s current mileage

Top Up
Should a vehicle come into the workshop early there is a top up facility which allows additional funds to be added by the customer to ensure the plan remains in credit

Maintenance Items
Add additional maintenance items to a service plan which aren’t normally found in the scope of a traditional plan. Items such as tyres, brakes, cambelts, etc. can be added when the plan is created, or even during a plan amendment, and correct amount of money collected alongside that already being collected for the services to ensure that you have enough in the fund for when the maintenance item is due. This feature merges our Repair Plan application together with our Service Plan system to ensure all service and maintenance items can be managed through one monthly Direct Debit.

Plan Amendment
Easily amend the plan length, annual mileage and optional services during a live plan amendment to ensure the plan continues to match the customers driving style and requirements.

Variable Payments
Payments can be varied to always ensure there are enough funds in the customers pot to cover services as and when they are due within the lifecycle of a plan.

Loyalty Cards
Dealer branded loyalty cards can be automatically posted to customers on plan confirmation and include the customers name and registration and which may entitle them to additional offers over and above a normal retail customer


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