You’ve had the “What is”, now for the “How to”…


iConsent, combined with GDPR Cleanse provides a suite of tools to ensure consent under the GDPR is managed correctly. With multiple consent capture points that fit your daily processes, as well as cleansing of data ready for marketing, you will be completely covered for this element of GDPR.

  • Manage consent capture within the Connect app*
  • Analyse by contact methods
  • View at dealer or group level
  • Regular reports pushed to your email
  • All your consent in one place
  • Standalone module for capturing consent
  • Tablet and desktop options for ease of use and flexibility
  • Fully integrated into the eDynamix platform
  • DMS integration available**
  • Comes with GDPR Cleanse module for GDPR compliant marketing

GDPR Cleanse provides a mechanism for full GDPR compliance when marketing your customers once consent has been captured using iConsent. GDPR Cleanse works with any DMS*** without the need for full integration and includes MPS & TPS as well as email validation as standard. Please contact us for more information or to book a demo.

*Coming Soon

** DMS Dependant

***DMS Export format dependant

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