Preparing for the car dealership of 2030


AM eDynamix Future Dealership

AM take a look at what the futuristic dealership will look like and how they will be shaped by technology. From new cars being sold by online platforms, mobile retailing and VR to the use of digital technology in aftersales and more. We take a look at the connected dealership, how online booking systems are linked to the DMS, other advanced software systems and more importantly, the level of customer service they provide.

Iain Nickalls, eDynamix director, said dealers and manufacturers should already be building their aftersales programmes with Generation Z in mind, to ensure a faster and more efficient delivery of service tailored to the customer’s needs.

“Autonomous cars that deliver themselves to a workshop once seemed like science fiction. I believe it will only be a few years until we see this reality,” he said.

“While the industry is working towards this, there is currently a big shift towards customer self-service throughout the whole aftersales process.

Check out the article on AM Online


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