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The Customer Journey

A customers journey with their vehicle through the aftersales core process touches many users and many systems. Starting with the pre-visit stage and initial reminder of service or MOT and subsequent booking made online, through to the day of visit with customer check in, courtesy car management, vehicle health check, service plans, finance plans, check out and then onto post-visit follow up through surveys. The journey can be complex. eDynamix offer a host of integrated solutions to help dealers manage this journey and provide the necessary self-service tools to customers. eDynamix automate app is used by customers, giving them access to their vehicle details, service and MOT history, push notifications for reminders, online bookings so they can schedule their vehicle visit into their chosen location on a date and time to match their requirements. On the day of visit the Service Advisor checks the customer in through the Active Digital Reception (ADR) module within iVHC. When a technician has carried out a full health check using the iVHC system customers are then able to view the results in their automate app or online with any associated photographs and videos taken through VIDEO1st and even authorise the work online. Once the customer has gone through the check-out stage in ADR, booking any work due in the future, a post visit survey can be sent, giving the customer the opportunity to provide feedback and a Google star rating.

Increasing aftersales profitability for Car Dealers with eDynamix

Adapting to an evolving digital environment is increasingly important for customer service and management. So using one aftersales platform that can help customers receive the best on offer can make this is more accessible, easy and flexible for managing Service Plans, storing and handling data correctly and adhering to GDPR compliance. We look at how to improve customer Service and MOT bookings through aftersales by highlighting the important advantages, covering the following. Customers are guaranteed to return for a service plan visit over a 3 year period compared to those customers without a service plan and those coming for a VHC are more likely to pay for work identified because they haven’t had to spend anything upfront with having a Service Plan. Dealers who provide transparency during VHC make it more convenient for a customer, gaining trust from them when work is identified. Customers can see for themselves through photos and videos when their car is being worked on.

Parkway Motor Group see 20% increase in YOY used car sales while piloting eDynamix StockMaster

Parkway VW

Parkway Motor Group who represent Volkswagen across 4 retail car dealerships in Derby, Leicester, Kettering and Northampton, have seen a 20% year on year increase in used car sales to July since installing eDynamix StockMaster. Used vehicle profits in this period also increased by almost £750,000, while average days in stock across the Group has decreased by nearly 40% to 42 days.

Mark Barrow, Group Head of Retail Sales at Parkway, said “StockMaster has helped keep myself and my team focused on the key metrics any business should be looking at, including the days in stock trends and the stock mix. Both are crucial elements to a successful used car business, however these figures aren’t readily available for most DMS systems on the market and can easily be overlooked or ignored without it.

“What we are now able to do is manage the process a lot closer and react real time during the month if we have concerns over vehicle run rates or margin/stock mix trends. As a business that holds over 800 used vehicles on stock, this is invaluable.”

eDynamix StockMaster uses stock data from DMS systems to provide a consolidated group view of vehicles available for sale. With tight integration with Autotraders iControl software the system alerts users to price movements, ad view shifts and desirability changes for vehicles in market, nationally and regionally, on a daily basis. This allows dealers to actively monitor and adjust their selling prices to ensure all stock is competitively priced. Stock videos and photographs are also populated using eDynamix VIDEO1st app, with all stock and media available within Sales Desk, eDynamix new lead management platform.

Barrow added “Key tools are now available to use such as vehicles missing images or video, vehicles not advertised or price differences during a price change exercise meaning we can manage by exception on the cars that aren’t performing as well as other cars and we can really understand the reasons why – and most of the time it’s not the price!

“We are set a specific target by Volkswagen to achieve our used car target, and YTD we are currently 115% of that objective, with some huge momentum behind us to hopefully end the year even stronger.

“The majority of this has been down to being able to have such an interactive and visible stock system. From the Managing Director down to the Sales Executives, we can see the stock and have real ability to poke those dark corners to ensure no stock goes unnoticed. This is crucial to affect all areas of the business, not least the profitability. StockMaster is now a hugely crucial cog in our business  and I’m looking forward to building on the success we have had already in the short time we’ve used it.”

Iain Nickalls, eDynamix Director, said “Pricing used cars can sometimes be seen as a dark art with a lot of how people have previously priced to market or price checked been on “gut” feel. With StockMaster and Autotrader iControl integration dealers can use a much more scientific and measured approach. StockMaster actively alerts users that there are certain cars that aren’t performing to market allowing them to act accordingly to positively affect vehicle turnover and profitability.”


Preparing for the car dealership of 2030


AM eDynamix Future Dealership

AM take a look at what the futuristic dealership will look like and how they will be shaped by technology. From new cars being sold by online platforms, mobile retailing and VR to the use of digital technology in aftersales and more. We take a look at the connected dealership, how online booking systems are linked to the DMS, other advanced software systems and more importantly, the level of customer service they provide.

Iain Nickalls, eDynamix director, said dealers and manufacturers should already be building their aftersales programmes with Generation Z in mind, to ensure a faster and more efficient delivery of service tailored to the customer’s needs.

“Autonomous cars that deliver themselves to a workshop once seemed like science fiction. I believe it will only be a few years until we see this reality,” he said.

“While the industry is working towards this, there is currently a big shift towards customer self-service throughout the whole aftersales process.

Check out the article on AM Online

Hyundai Motor UK Launches Industry-First Tailored Service Plans


Hyundai Tablet Device

We are very pleased to announce that Hyundai Motor UK now offer bespoke Service Plans using the eDynamix platform.

“We are delighted to launch this unique offering to enhance our customers’ experience. We believe that the new platform will give drivers the opportunity to create bespoke service plans based on their individual vehicles and lifestyles. No matter the age of their car, or the mileage, customers will be able to access a suitable service and repair plan at a tailored and competitive price – offering peace of mind and an alternative to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ fixed priced option that tends to be the norm across the industry.”

Nick Tunnell
Hyundai Motor UK Aftersales Director

Hyundai Logo

Click to read the full article from Hyundai


Interactive Vehicle Health Check


More than just a vehicle health check system, our iVHC application is interactive, intuitive and fully integrated with all other modules, including VIDEO1st for video and photographs and Finance and Repair Plans for red and amber work upsell.

With up to date analysis available via the Connect reporting app, detailed drill-through analysis and the ability to view at dealer or group level.

Other features include…


Provide customers the opportunity to spread the cost of red work concerns identified through iVHC over 6 or 12 months, with no deposit, while having the repair fixed on the day.


Capture key information at service check-in such as service book and locking nut key locations, damage recording (including image evidence capture) and more.  Allow service advisors to rebook red & amber work at check-out.


Full, data rich reporting helps fully analyse performance by dealership, advisor and technician.


Provide convenience to customers by

allowing them to book VHC work now due directly through the Online Bookings platform.


Inject previously unsold red or amber work concerns automatically into the new health check as a mandatory inspection.


Send customised reminders via email, SMS and direct mail for work now due.

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Lexus Hull gain Kiwami Award for finest guest experience


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A series of celebratory events took place last week for the awards, hosted in Marseille where the successful retailers were presented with the Kiwami Award by Pascal Ruch, head of Lexus Europe.

Ruch said: “Lexus’s ambition has not been simply to redefine what great guest experience means in the automotive industry, but to constantly recognise and respond to changes in customer habits and priorities. By harnessing the concept of omotenashi in developing their business, our European retailers can maintain the highest service standards, supported by the dedicated work of everyone in their teams.”

Kiwami is a Japanese word meaning “ultimate” demonstrating the values of Japanese hospitality or ‘omotenashi’ which is fundamental to the Lexus brand.

The winners were selected after a two-stage judging process analysing each retailer’s guest experience standards and overall business performance.

Steve Kelly, Lexus Director of the John Roe Group said: “This award is a credit to the great team we have at Lexus Hull and our principle of building relationships rather than selling cars. By getting to know our customers well, we can meet and exceed their expectations, and all our team work hard to achieve this goal.”

Lexus Hull use eDynamix platform for Service PlansProactive Follow Up and iVHC.


You’ve had the “What is”, now for the “How to”…


iConsent, combined with GDPR Cleanse provides a suite of tools to ensure consent under the GDPR is managed correctly. With multiple consent capture points that fit your daily processes, as well as cleansing of data ready for marketing, you will be completely covered for this element of GDPR.

  • Manage consent capture within the Connect app*
  • Analyse by contact methods
  • View at dealer or group level
  • Regular reports pushed to your email
  • All your consent in one place
  • Standalone module for capturing consent
  • Tablet and desktop options for ease of use and flexibility
  • Fully integrated into the eDynamix platform
  • DMS integration available**
  • Comes with GDPR Cleanse module for GDPR compliant marketing

GDPR Cleanse provides a mechanism for full GDPR compliance when marketing your customers once consent has been captured using iConsent. GDPR Cleanse works with any DMS*** without the need for full integration and includes MPS & TPS as well as email validation as standard. Please contact us for more information or to book a demo.

*Coming Soon

** DMS Dependant

***DMS Export format dependant

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