Sales Desk


Harness the power of your aftersales customers in your sales department using our new and exciting lead management system; bringing together data from multiple sources to provide a complete overview of your enquiries and opportunities.

Automatically populate with leads from your electronic vehicle health check and online bookings platforms, view your group stock through Stock Master, send personalised sales videos using VIDEO1st, create tailored service plans and send post-delivery communications and surveys all from Sales Desk.

Sales Desk will be available in early 2018!


VIDEO1st Online

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You can now use VIDEO1st to create high definition videos and upload
them directly to your YouTube channel


Use the VIDEO1st app on iOS and Android operating systems to create high definition videos

Manage and upload to different playlists within your YouTube channel straight from the VIDEO1st portal

Automatically attach your own branded top and tail videos to the recorded media to deliver a consistent message to all customers

Brand the videos with your own logo and automatically add your own soundtrack to create a professional and consistent look, feel and sound

Upload videos from your YouTube channel directly to AutoTrader

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Other features and benefits…
  • Video tags are automatically created from the vehicle description
  • Manually add further tags to improve video ranking
  • Deliver video content consistency across your business
  • Improves SEO by uploading videos to social media
  • Automatically embed the published YouTube video into your website
  • Simple to use!
Facebook integration coming soon

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eDynamix increase staff numbers by 22% to cope with demand


Mark_JulieWith a continually growing customer base and ongoing product enhancement and developments, eDynamix are maintaining their investment in staff in all areas of the business.

Mark Johnson joins in a business development role and will be responsible the Midlands and East. Mark pictured above, previously worked for Parkway Volkswagen in a Business Manager role before moving to Dubai to take up a sales managers position with Gargash Mercedes Benz. Therefore, he will bring a wealth knowledge and experience of the industry to support current customers and also to develop new relationships.

eDynamix have also employed Julie Roche as compliance manager to ensure their certification to the ISO 27001 standard is maintained. As compliance manager, Julie will also be responsible for ensuring all systems and suppliers are compliant to the GDPR while overseeing the rollout of our Consent Authorisation Server (CAS) to help our customers with conformity to the upcoming regulation.

Additional appointments have been made in Client Services, Research and Development and Support to take the total number of staff to 66 across the 4 global offices.

Iain Nickalls, director, said “These really are exciting times at eDynamix with lots of exciting projects and developments in the pipeline. Our investment in additional staff in all areas of the business shows our commitment to continue as a front runner in software provision for the motor industry. We want to continue to support our customers in the way in which they have become accustomed while at the same time helping them towards GDPR compliance”.




As a duty of care to your customers, ensure a visual health check is completed on every vehicle that enters your workshop, clearly, quickly and concisely highlighting any concerns. Discover the benefits with our intuitive vehicle health check system, iVHC.

  • Fully integrated with all other eDynamix modules including videos & photographs for Red and Amber work upsell
  • Inject previously unsold Red or Amber work concerns automatically into the new health check as a mandatory inspection
  • Send customised reminders via email, SMS and direct mail for work now due
  • Provide convenience to customers by allowing them to book VHC work now due directly through the online bookings platform
  • Full, data rich reporting helps fully analyse performance by dealership, advisor and technician

Online Service Plan Quote


With 25% of online workshop bookings being made outside of working hours, imagine how many of your customers would quote themselves a service plan in the comfort of their own home, at their convenience without feeling under pressure? By adding eDynamix Service Plan Quote to your website or your Online Booking Portal, you can!

  • A fully responsive design which allows a quote to be created on any device, including smartphones
  • Using a VRM lookup ensures that the quote is created on the right make, model and variant
  • Customers can configure the quote so it matches their exact requirements
  • The setup and menu pricing engine use the same parameters as your internal service plan portal
  • Receive immediate alerts when a quote has been raised
  • View the customers configured quote in your service plan portal alongside all internal plans
  • Available 24/7

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MOT History

mot2Our MOT Lookup facility has now been extended to provide a full breakdown of MOT history and ownership changes.

Users can view each previous MOT, its pass status and, where there were failures or advisories, these highlighted with the ability to drill into the information.


The data has also been made available in iVHC and as part of the technicians tablet application so that, through all stages of a vehicle visit, users are aware of any previous and outstanding issues.

Why not try our MOTCleanse
for free?

We’ll be happy to run your live vehicle database through an MOTCleanse for free and let you know how many records are incorrect.


Online Bookings

Live Dashboard
Dealers using our Online Bookings platform now have instant visibility on rolling 28 day performance by brand through the live dealer dashboard. Statistics include the number and value of bookings, a graphical representation of what devices are used to make the bookings and also the times when bookings are made.


Amend & Cancellation
Confirmed bookings can now be amended or cancelled with ease by the customer. Using the link embedded within their confirmation email, customers can modify every aspect of the booking or cancel it up to the booking date. An email will be sent to the nominated email address notifying them of the change, with all amendments recorded in the log.


Voucher Codes
Dealers can now easily create date driven voucher codes which can then be used by customers to receive a fixed or percentage value off their booking. A usage counter clearly shows how many times the code has been used at each dealership to monitor effectiveness.


MOT Auto Include
The system will check if an MOT is due within 30 days of the current date with the DVSA and, if it is, will automatically it include it in the booking.


Device Notification
See the device a booking was made on, whether it was a mobile or laptop, and the operating system and browser used.


The online bookings report has been created to allow management to view a summary of bookings made by dealership in a given date range.


We’re at AM Live 2016! 16th November…

eDynamix Connect provides dealers with all of the core aftersales functions outside of a DMS; service plans, electronic vehicle health check, proactive follow-up, repair and finance plans, online bookings, MOT cleansing, VIDEO1st, aftersales surveys and automated confirmations and reminders.

Dealers often use several different systems from several different suppliers for all of these functions which can lead to increased costs and issues such as reduced efficiency, falling profitability, problems with software support and a slowdown in the fulfilment of customer expectations through disjointed silos of information.

Using one supplier for all of the core aftersales processes, with one login to connect them together, one support channel and one invoice provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution for dealers. Having one system helps improve staff engagement, morale and ultimately Dealer profitability.

Come and see us at Milton Keynes Arena, stand 54 to understand how eDynamix Connect can help your business.
Register here for AM Live.




There are many electronic vehicle health check systems on the market today. What we have done to differentiate ourselves from other providers is take this tried and tested process and make it not only more usable for the Dealer, but we have developed it further to allow for a greater upsell opportunity and conversion on both identified Red and Amber work concerns.


Our integrated Finance Plan* allows Dealers to sell Red work concerns identified as part of an iVHC on the day and afford the customer the opportunity to spread the cost of these repairs over a set period.


Repair Plans offer the customer the opportunity to pay monthly for both Amber work concerns, or deferred Red work, identified as part of their recent iVHC, or for other items outside of the scope of a traditional Service Plan.


Any unsold Red or Amber work concerns identified as part of a previous iVHC on the vehicle can be injected automatically into the new health check as mandatory inspections. There is also a higher potential for upsell on previously identified concerns.


Real-time daily work areas and management dashboards for display on internet enabled TV’s are available giving an immediate view on deleted and declined work, Amber concerns that remain unsold, all concerns that have been authorised and everything that has been completed on the day.


They say pictures paint a thousand words, and by utilising our integrated photograph functionality whereby the technician takes a picture of a given concern which can then be emailed directly to the customer or included on the printed health check, it is proven that more Red and Amber work concerns are sold.


Our fully integrated video technology allows technicians to record a video of the entire health check or an individual concern which can then be emailed directly to the customer. This works extremely well for checks involving movement or noise concerns.


Technicians complete each iVHC on a mobile device chosen by the Dealer, with 1 device serving multiple technicians. After choosing the relevant template, and taking any necessary pre-inspection photographs, all mandatory checks must be performed before the iVHC can be completed.


  • DMS Integration

DMS integration, where possible, allows for a direct daily, incremental and/or manual download of job information from the Dealer’s Dealer Management System, as well as parts prices, stock availability and tracking.

  • Pre Call

The pre-call facility allows users to contact the customer prior to their visit with all of the relevant information, such as first visit notifications, last service dates, any recent health check information and fully service history. Users also have the ability to record notes against the health check which are available to all other users throughout the iVHC lifecycle.

  • Tyre Integration*

With full tyre integration through Stapletons Tyre Services or Micheldever Tyre Services, Dealers can view their available tyre stock from within the iVHC for tyres matching those identified on the vehicle, with the ability to order directly with the supplier coming in 2014.

  • Client Pop-up

The client pop-up notifies the appropriate users within the relevant departments of any updates to iVHC’s which may require their attention. If subsequent updates are found older notifications are erased which removes the need for users to check out of date information.

  • Integrated Follow Up

All unsold Red and Amber work concerns can be sent directly to the integrated follow up module when required by the Dealer. Each type of follow up can have its own bespoke timeline and templates which include SMS, email and post fulfilment with the ability to include the health check within the latter two.

  • Parts Management

With parts and tyre pricing and availability presented as part of the DMS downloads and tyre integration, users can price concerns in no time at all, with the correct parts being selected with the help of photographs and videos taken as part of the iVHC. Parts tracking and automated status updates also help to reduce parts obsolescence.

  • Data-rich Reporting

It is ok recording and collecting information about each completed vehicle health check, but we have developed a suite of reports that allow Dealers to fully and accurately analyse identified and sold work items for each Dealership, for each advisor and for each individual technician.

* country dependent