New Releases : Service Plan

Service Plans

Management App

Next Service Type
Automatically calculate the next type of service on the service plan configuration stage based on the vehicle’s current mileage

Top Up
Should a vehicle come into the workshop early there is a top up facility which allows additional funds to be added by the customer to ensure the plan remains in credit

Maintenance Items
Add additional maintenance items to a service plan which aren’t normally found in the scope of a traditional plan. Items such as tyres, brakes, cambelts, etc. can be added when the plan is created, or even during a plan amendment, and correct amount of money collected alongside that already being collected for the services to ensure that you have enough in the fund for when the maintenance item is due. This feature merges our Repair Plan application together with our Service Plan system to ensure all service and maintenance items can be managed through one monthly Direct Debit.

Plan Amendment
Easily amend the plan length, annual mileage and optional services during a live plan amendment to ensure the plan continues to match the customers driving style and requirements.

Variable Payments
Payments can be varied to always ensure there are enough funds in the customers pot to cover services as and when they are due within the lifecycle of a plan.

Loyalty Cards
Dealer branded loyalty cards can be automatically posted to customers on plan confirmation and include the customers name and registration and which may entitle them to additional offers over and above a normal retail customer


New Releases : Online Bookings

Online Bookings

Fully Responsive

iVHC Bookings
Customers can book red or amber work identified during a previous iVHC directly into online bookings, at the agreed price, using a link provided in follow up communication

Service Plan Quote
If the customer does not currently have a service plan offer them the opportunity to quote themselves one as part of the online bookings process with all required standard and optional services included to match their own requirements

Vehicle Valuation
Customers can ask to have their vehicle valued when in the dealership as during the online bookings process, sending a notification to the sales team of the upcoming visit and request

Voucher Codes
Create dealership specific voucher codes which can be shared with customers to offer discounts on bookings made online in a given date period.

New Releases : iVHC


iVHC Percentage


Percentage Worn
All tyre and brake measurements, whether measured in millimetres worn or percentage remaining can be automatically converted and graphically displayed to a customer in percentage remaining.

Interactive Check In
Take photographs, shoot videos and record notes and damage on a vehicle with the customer present and prior to it entering the workshop using a tablet device.

Customer Consent
Gain customer consent to use all agreed communication channels for the GDPR during the check in process, while at the same time allowing the customer to update their personal details and view your Privacy Policy.

Identified Work Booking
Any work identified but not yet due can be booked into the workshop during the customer check out process using the online bookings portal from within the iVHC app.

Online Bookings
Customers can book red or amber work identified during a previous iVHC directly into online bookings, at the agreed price, using a link provided in follow up communication.

New Releases : Follow Up

Follow Up

Service Plan Quote

Service Plan Quote
Service plan quotes generated online by the customer can drop into the follow up system for a communications team to finalise and sell.

Sensitive Customer Check
Cross-check your DMS (DMS dependent) and exclude those customers marked as sensitive from receiving any follow up communication.

Undeliverable Emails
Any emails that bounce back are captured and highlighted on the timeline which then allows DMS records to be constantly cleansed and updated.

Star Rating
A rating question can be added to surveys for customers to rate their service experience using 1 to 5 stars.

eDynamix increase staff numbers by 22% to cope with demand

Mark & JulieWith a continually growing customer base and ongoing product enhancement and developments, eDynamix are maintaining their investment in staff in all areas of the business.

Mark Johnson joins in a business development role and will be responsible the Midlands and East. Mark pictured above, previously worked for Parkway Volkswagen in a Business Manager role before moving to Dubai to take up a sales managers position with Gargash Mercedes Benz. Therefore, he will bring a wealth knowledge and experience of the industry to support current customers and also to develop new relationships.

eDynamix have also employed Julie Roche as compliance manager to ensure their certification to the ISO 27001 standard is maintained. As compliance manager, Julie will also be responsible for ensuring all systems and suppliers are compliant to the GDPR while overseeing the rollout of our Consent Authorisation Server (CAS) to help our customers with conformity to the upcoming regulation.

Additional appointments have been made in Client Services, Research and Development and Support to take the total number of staff to 66 across the 4 global offices.

Iain Nickalls, director, said “These really are exciting times at eDynamix with lots of exciting projects and developments in the pipeline. Our investment in additional staff in all areas of the business shows our commitment to continue as a front runner in software provision for the motor industry. We want to continue to support our customers in the way in which they have become accustomed while at the same time helping them towards GDPR compliance”.

Book VHC Work Online


iVHC App

Take your online bookings system to the next level by allowing your customers to book work identified on an earlier vehicle health check directly with your dealership

Improve your amber work sales using
iVHC & Online Bookings from eDynamix
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iVHC – Interactive Vehicle Health Check


iVHC Workshop

As a duty of care to your customers, ensure a visual health check is completed on every vehicle that enters your workshop, clearly, quickly and concisely highlighting any concerns. Discover the benefits with our intuitive vehicle health check system, iVHC.

  • Fully integrated with all other eDynamix modules including videos & photographs for Red and Amber work upsell
  • Inject previously unsold Red or Amber work concerns automatically into the new health check as a mandatory inspection
  • Send customised reminders via email, SMS and direct mail for work now due
  • Provide convenience to customers by allowing them to book VHC work now due directly through the online bookings platform
  • Full, data rich reporting helps fully analyse performance by dealership, advisor and technician

Online Service Plan Quote

Plan QuoteWith 25% of online workshop bookings being made outside of working hours, imagine how many of your customers would quote themselves a service plan in the comfort of their own home, at their convenience without feeling under pressure? By adding eDynamix Service Plan Quote to your website or your Online Booking Portal, you can!

  • A fully responsive design which allows a quote to be created on any device, including smartphones
  • Using a VRM lookup ensures that the quote is created on the right make, model and variant
  • Customers can configure the quote so it matches their exact requirements
  • The setup and menu pricing engine use the same parameters as your internal service plan portal
  • Receive immediate alerts when a quote has been raised
  • View the customers configured quote in your service plan portal alongside all internal plans
  • Available 24/7

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VIDEO1st: Preparing For Video Reporting

Video1st eDynamix With its extensive reporting suite, VIDEO1st can be used by an unlimited number of users on unlimited iOS and Android devices for only

£45 per department, per month

No setup fees and no lengthy contracts to sign

Personalise the video by adding your own branding and logo

Dealer specific top and tail videos which can be used to introduce your company  and explain the content of the video

Users can pause and zoom on the videos

Easily and clearly highlight any concerns with the vehicle to the customer, or just    simply that the vehicle has a clean bill of health

VIDEO1st is fully integrated with our industry leading electronic vehicle health  check

system, iVHC

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It’s time to get connected…

Connect Edynamix

Using several different systems from several different suppliers in aftersales departments can lead to issues such as reduced efficiency, falling profitability, problems with software support and a slowdown in the fulfilment of customer expectations.

Monthly bills from different suppliers for their licences and support can quickly mount into potentially large and unnecessary costs, with the burden of reconciling and paying multiple invoices placed with an accounts team. Using one supplier for all of the core aftersales processes, with one login to connect them together, and one support channel and one invoice provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution for dealers.

A connected solution helps to improve productivity and staff engagement, but it also increases staff morale, system use and profitability. It makes training new and existing employees more effective, while at the same time helping to reduce staff turnover, with users feeling more confident in their day-to-day job role because they have a greater understanding of one connected system rather than a mediocre appreciation of multiple disparate systems.

Data from various dealer management systems, the DVLA and DVSA, tyre distributors, and finance and insurance companies can all be connected into one portal. This can help to reduce errors, through seamless transfer of data between systems. This then removes customer blindspots that arise because information – such as addresses, mobile telephone numbers or customer email addresses – held in one system is not updated and, therefore, does not match data held in another.

eDynamix offers dealers a connected aftersales solution; encompassing (and embedded within) the service core process, with the aim of improving productivities, efficiencies and customer retention.

eDynamix Connect provides dealers with all of the core aftersales functions outside of their DMS; service planselectronic vehicle health checkproactive follow-up, repairs and finance plans, online bookingsMOT cleansingVIDEO1st, aftersales surveys and automated confirmations and reminders.

Through one portal, dealers can receive centralised, data-rich management reporting using our scheduled push reports, or use our eDynamix Connect app to get an overview of daily, weekly and monthly performance.

Not only do dealers’ systems, staff, management and third-party applications become connected, but eDynamix Connect offers multiple online channels to keep customers connected to dealers through the web and smart devices too:

■ Online bookings – giving customers the ability to book their service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

■ Online service plan quote – allowing customers to create a quote for all of their future servicing requirements at their convenience.

■ iVHC online authorisation – letting customers view and authorise work needed on their vehicle, anytime, anywhere.

■ VIDEO1st online media and interactive comments – delivering the excitement of the showroom experience to the customer in the comfort of their own home.

It’s time to get connected!