VIDEO1st: Preparing For Video Reporting


With its extensive reporting suite, VIDEO1st can be used by an unlimited number of users on unlimited iOS and Android devices for only

£45 per department, per month

No setup fees and no lengthy contracts to sign

Personalise the video by adding your own branding and logo

Dealer specific top and tail videos which can be used to introduce your company  and explain the content of the video

Users can pause and zoom on the videos

Easily and clearly highlight any concerns with the vehicle to the customer, or just    simply that the vehicle has a clean bill of health

VIDEO1st is fully integrated with our industry leading electronic vehicle health  check system, iVHC

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It’s time to get connected…


Using several different systems from several different suppliers in aftersales departments can lead to issues such as reduced efficiency, falling profitability, problems with software support and a slowdown in the fulfilment of customer expectations.

Monthly bills from different suppliers for their licences and support can quickly mount into potentially large and unnecessary costs, with the burden of reconciling and paying multiple invoices placed with an accounts team. Using one supplier for all of the core aftersales processes, with one login to connect them together, and one support channel and one invoice provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution for dealers.

A connected solution helps to improve productivity and staff engagement, but it also increases staff morale, system use and profitability. It makes training new and existing employees more effective, while at the same time helping to reduce staff turnover, with users feeling more confident in their day-to-day job role because they have a greater understanding of one connected system rather than a mediocre appreciation of multiple disparate systems.

Data from various dealer management systems, the DVLA and DVSA, tyre distributors, and finance and insurance companies can all be connected into one portal. This can help to reduce errors, through seamless transfer of data between systems. This then removes customer blindspots that arise because information – such as addresses, mobile telephone numbers or customer email addresses – held in one system is not updated and, therefore, does not match data held in another.

eDynamix offers dealers a connected aftersales solution; encompassing (and embedded within) the service core process, with the aim of improving productivities, efficiencies and customer retention.

eDynamix Connect provides dealers with all of the core aftersales functions outside of their DMS; service planselectronic vehicle health checkproactive follow-up, repairs and finance plans, online bookingsMOT cleansingVIDEO1st, aftersales surveys and automated confirmations and reminders.

Through one portal, dealers can receive centralised, data-rich management reporting using our scheduled push reports, or use our eDynamix Connect app to get an overview of daily, weekly and monthly performance.

Not only do dealers’ systems, staff, management and third-party applications become connected, but eDynamix Connect offers multiple online channels to keep customers connected to dealers through the web and smart devices too:

■ Online bookings – giving customers the ability to book their service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

■ Online service plan quote – allowing customers to create a quote for all of their future servicing requirements at their convenience.

■ iVHC online authorisation – letting customers view and authorise work needed on their vehicle, anytime, anywhere.

■ VIDEO1st online media and interactive comments – delivering the excitement of the showroom experience to the customer in the comfort of their own home.

It’s time to get connected!

VIDEO1st: Seeing is believing


69% of web traffic will be video based by 2017
78% of consumers are now using video as part of their on-line research
64% of them are more likely to buy a product after watching a video
87% of viewers said that video had a positive impact on their perception of a brand
• A combined total of 18 billion videos are watched on Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat every day


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MG Motor UK launches eDynamix Service Plans 


eDynamix is proud to announce that its Service Plan platform has been launched across the MG Motor UK national dealer network, bringing peace of mind to drivers nationwide.

MG customers can now purchase a customised Service Plan on their vehicle for up to 5 years, spreading the cost through monthly payments, or by paying in full.

eDynamix Director, Iain Nickalls, said “We are extremely excited to be working with MG on this new development for their dealer network. Service Plans are firmly embedded in the UK dealer culture and are an important loyalty and revenue driver. With the company recently being named as one of the UK’s fastest growing automotive brands, it is fantastic that eDynamix has been asked to provide this solution for MG customers through 2017 and beyond”.

“The MG team are very much looking forward to launching eDynamix Service Plans to the dealer network’ said Harvey France, Head of Aftersales and Parts for MG Motor UK. ‘ eDynamix offer dealers much more than just Service Plans and we can see the real benefits of using one provider. Having a standard approach throughout saves time, money and resources. The eDynamix Connect App will allow our Dealers to see how they are performing at the touch of a button.”


MOT History

mot2Our MOT Lookup facility has now been extended to provide a full breakdown of MOT history and ownership changes.

Users can view each previous MOT, its pass status and, where there were failures or advisories, these highlighted with the ability to drill into the information.


The data has also been made available in iVHC and as part of the technicians tablet application so that, through all stages of a vehicle visit, users are aware of any previous and outstanding issues.

Why not try our MOTCleanse
for free?

We’ll be happy to run your live vehicle database through an MOTCleanse for free and let you know how many records are incorrect.


MOT Data Analysis


eDynamix recently ran an MOT cleanse project with 2 OEM partners and reported that, on average, 66% of MOT dates in the various Dealer Management Systems were incorrect. This figure includes 10% of vehicle records that had no associated MOT date, and 56% where the MOT date was incorrect by more than 30 days.

Analysis found that over 28% of vehicles had gone through an ownership change since the last visit and 2.5% of active vehicles in the dealers’ database had been scrapped. These figures suggest that dealers are wasting much time, money and energy sending MOT reminder communications to customers who no longer own the vehicle, or when the MOT is not actually due which can mount into 10’s of 1,000’s of pounds annually in SMS messages, letters and man time.

“With varying service intervals, annual MOT’s don’t necessarily fall in line with service events, and those customers without a service plan are more likely to look at other options for their MOT when this happens” said Iain Nickalls, Director at eDynamix. “This, plus the cost of sending unnecessary communication to customers are reasons why it is essential to ensure that MOT dates are correct in dealer management systems. Dealers could be missing out on hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue not only from the MOT test itself, but also from the associated upsell opportunity”.

eDynamix are a DVLA data partner and have processed over 2 million records through their MOTCleanse solution so far. Once cleansed, the data is returned to the dealer in a format that can be easily uploaded directly back into most DMS systems ensuring that the MOT, ownership and scrappage information is up to date and accurate.

Online Bookings

Live Dashboard
Dealers using our Online Bookings platform now have instant visibility on rolling 28 day performance by brand through the live dealer dashboard. Statistics include the number and value of bookings, a graphical representation of what devices are used to make the bookings and also the times when bookings are made.


Amend & Cancellation
Confirmed bookings can now be amended or cancelled with ease by the customer. Using the link embedded within their confirmation email, customers can modify every aspect of the booking or cancel it up to the booking date. An email will be sent to the nominated email address notifying them of the change, with all amendments recorded in the log.


Voucher Codes
Dealers can now easily create date driven voucher codes which can then be used by customers to receive a fixed or percentage value off their booking. A usage counter clearly shows how many times the code has been used at each dealership to monitor effectiveness.


MOT Auto Include
The system will check if an MOT is due within 30 days of the current date with the DVSA and, if it is, will automatically it include it in the booking.


Device Notification
See the device a booking was made on, whether it was a mobile or laptop, and the operating system and browser used.


The online bookings report has been created to allow management to view a summary of bookings made by dealership in a given date range.


eDynamix iVHC becomes part of Hyundai 360


eDynamix have worked closely with Hyundai Motor UK to integrate their vehicle health check application, iVHC, into Hyundai’s own 360 platform and can now offer their solution as one of the approved Hyundai Motor UK eVHC partners. Hyundai 360 is an intuitive and simple to understand modular platform offering full automation of the Aftersales customer journey.

At the core of the programme is the industry’s quickest online service booking system that requires no more than six steps and 10 seconds to complete. It is also integrated into Dealer DMS systems to maximise efficiencies. Jobs are automatically loaded and available within iVHC each morning ready for the service advisors and technicians to begin carrying out the required vehicle health checks. Any identified concerns can be priced using Hyundai’s own menu pricing engine which is embedded within iVHC, and then sent to the customer for authorisation. Work authorised online through the Hyundai portal is then automatically updated and reflected in iVHC.  This ensures that the relevant parts and service departments are notified and authority can then be passed to the technician to complete the work. This provides a seamless process for both customer and dealerships.

Tony Whitehorn, President & CEO, Hyundai Motor UK said: “Hyundai Motor prides itself on its continuous evolution and innovative spirit and our unique 360 service solution is a great example of this. Hyundai 360 Workshop Automation helps to streamline maintenance operations by using clever technology that delivers real efficiencies for our customers and our dealer partners.”

Iain Nickalls, Director at eDynamix, said “We have worked with Hyundai Motor UK and its dealer partners for a number of years but were extremely excited when we were asked to become part of the Hyundai 360 programme earlier this year. We sincerely believe it will revolutionise the way in which the Hyundai Network will communicate and operate with their customers. Hyundai Motor’s vision and culture is very much the same as ours at eDynamix, where we aim to connect Dealers to their customers using intuitive and connected systems to deliver the best possible experience for all. These are truly exciting times for Hyundai Motor and eDynamix are proud to be part of this”.

We’re at AM Live 2016! 16th November…

eDynamix Connect provides dealers with all of the core aftersales functions outside of a DMS; service plans, electronic vehicle health check, proactive follow-up, repair and finance plans, online bookings, MOT cleansing, VIDEO1st, aftersales surveys and automated confirmations and reminders.

Dealers often use several different systems from several different suppliers for all of these functions which can lead to increased costs and issues such as reduced efficiency, falling profitability, problems with software support and a slowdown in the fulfilment of customer expectations through disjointed silos of information.

Using one supplier for all of the core aftersales processes, with one login to connect them together, one support channel and one invoice provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution for dealers. Having one system helps improve staff engagement, morale and ultimately Dealer profitability.

Come and see us at Milton Keynes Arena, stand 54 to understand how eDynamix Connect can help your business.
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New Customers


The Delgarth Motor Group have rolled out iVHC at 2 of their sites; Bletchley Hyundai and Milton Keynes Hyundai.

Turners Motor Group are now offering Service Plans through eDynamix.

Endeavour Hyundai Watford and North London Hyundai go live with iVHC.

We welcome onboard Saxon Bridge in Milton Keynes who recently took up Service Plans from eDynamix.

JD Edgar & Son have gone live with our Interactive Vehicle Health Check System, (iVHC.)

Harratts Group have recently rolled out our Service Plans at 2 of their Dealerships; Kia Motors and Renault.